posted by manolofdez on 2012-11-19
today I decided to play a little with parallax.
parallax is the difference in the apparent position of an object when viewed along two different lines of sight.
there are many cool websites that implement parallax:
The Beatles Rockband, Tokylab, etc.
I wanted to spice it up a bit and decided to animate it.
while the tides react to the browser's vertical scroll, the waves will swing up and down randomly.
the mouse's x position will determine how what portion of the sea you'll be looking at.
hope you like it!
dominotes for iOS
posted by manolofdez on 2012-11-07
Dominotes is an iPod, iPhone and iPad application that makes keeping score in a domino game fun.
don't feel like counting?
No problem!  Use your camera to grab the dominoes you've collected and let the app do all the math for you!
Dominotes features 3 interactive ways to enter your score:
  • Camera mode:  hold your video camera enabled device in front of each domino to scan its value.
  • Domino mode:  enter the value of each square in a domino and keep a list of all the dominoes you've collected.
  • Calculator mode:  use basic calculator functions to write down your points.

* Only black pips on white dominoes were tested. Results may vary depending on angle and lighting conditions, but we are working hard on improving our image recognition capabilities to bring you the best user experience possible.
* a camera supporting video is needed for camera mode.
new website
posted by manolofdez on 2012-11-07
please come on in!
we're adding the finishing touches to our new home.